Inside Wiz Khalifa’s $4.6M

Inside Wiz Khalifa's $4.6M
Inside Wiz Khalifa’s $4.6M

Inside Wiz Khalifa’s $4.6M – Open Door – Architectural Digest

Inside Wiz Khalifa’s $4.6M – Open Door.

So what up? Second, space, like maybe three or four years ago.

I got this. There were many rooms for my son.

I got a 5-year-old, so I wanted to make sure that he could run around, have a good time.

I just felt like it was a. It is a good place for me to call home for a little.

Bit, but wow. You walk in; you’re going to see this and be like, oh, this is a wizard’s crib.

Alright, I shall come to kick it in the game room, AKA the gang room.

Entertainment room
Entertainment room

Let’s do it. Alright, so this face right here is clearly for kicking it, chilling.

It’s just a good vibe.

Fell on top because I’m from Pittsburgh. The vinyl we got old school criminalized on there right now.

There’re to commemorate the hard work we put in and make us put in some more hard work. DAB bar and the drink bar pot.

I have 100 joint roller that rolls 100 joints at one time. Probably take like three days.

I love this because it’s one of the more significant parts of the house

It’s just a suitable space because there are like different compartments, you know.

I mean, he’s got his play area.

He’s got his learning area; he’s got him, you know, imagination station over there, and then you know he gets to do him.

We do it.

The freeway, you know what I’m. Saying oh is lit by two gumballs.

And then that’s how it works.

Yeah, this is an excellent part of the house as well. It feels like you want to enter the world, so I got a peaceful vibe about it.

Come out here and take a phone call.

inside Wiz Khalifa’s You know, smoke a little drink, nice Asaph, just super chill by it.

Yeah, there are a lot of pictures of me in here because I love myself.

I don’t remember when I jumped like that, but my cameraman caught a good Asanga love it, we blow that up, and we put that in my house because moments like you give them, you have to make him last.

inside Wiz Khalifa’s Now we bought the book.

I showed you the gang room, showed you the playroom, but this is my baby right here.

The gang room showed you the playroom, but this is my baby right here.

 It is my favorite part of the house because it’s a studio’s recording studio, and when you’re in here, you’re in your little world.

It’s like a fighter jet-like it’s.

Apps and we keep the hard drives in our personal, and I don’t keep him with me.

So hard drives, not here, sorry.

Right now. We made this. Do you feel me? Oh, this is my weed wall.

Yeah, I mean Snoop, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, devons.

I like to be among greatness.

Living room space.

living room

I love this space because it’s super chill.

It’s friendly and wide open. It’s got an immensely grown-up vibe.

There’s just people like. We will come from here to the living room.

It’s superb inside-outside, wrong; you land straight out of the pool area.

My favorite thing about the pool is that it is heated.

I could jump in there, but I don’t feel like being cold.

You’ll never be cold in my pool.

There’s always music.

There’s always pot. There’s always an adventure. Is Sebastian trembling?

He’s proud of it. He loves it.

There's always music.
There’s always music.

He plays on it every day, puts his friends in there.

When the girls come over, he jumps on the trampoline with the girls.

It is what it is.

Those are my sons’ cars.

He doesn’t drive those that much.

He’s too big for that **** he rides in my cars with me.

 It’s just for like you know when we’re driving around when we going fast when we move in my baby mom bought me this.

Because I was mad at her, and she wanted me not to be mad at her.

So she bought me a car.

I had my switch with the right hand, so.

Yeah, yeah.

Alright, man, it’s been enjoyable having you guys over, but I

Thank you for riding with me.

Have fun, be safe.

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