Kia K9 Review

Here are 2013 Kia K9, contain about 2013 Kia K9 Review, below include 2013 Kia K9 specs and features. 2013 Kia K9 is a new variation of the company that will launch the sedan version which has a concept that is very luxurious. Match the name given to a new variant of Kia, “K9?, then we will give some philosophy on this luxury sedan. “K” contained on this car has a sense of Korea, but there are other meanings of “K” is derived from the Greek ‘Kratos’, this is a word that means strong. While there is a member the sense that ‘K’ is derived from English ‘Kinetic’ which means the active and dynamic.

However, you can choose a suitable name for this car. 2013 Kia K9 will be launched in South Korea in the early quarter of 2012, but for those of you who are outside of South Korea, then you have to wait until the end of 2012. Thus, you can have a new luxury sedan. 2013 Kia K9 will be coded KH. We provide a statement of “fancy” about this car, as seen from the exterior design of this car owned by, there are some interesting features that complement the 2013 Kia K9.

The features is Grille by design ‘tiger nose’ will always be what you get in this car. The impression of luxury comes from LED lights, the lines of a strong body, bumpers (rear) integrated with the muffler, and the chrome decoration on the stern. You will see the similarities between the body of the 2013 Kia K9 with the exterior design of the BMW 7 Series. According to Soon-Nam Lee, Director of the Overseas Marketing Group, “Kia K9 will be Kia’s first big sedan having a rear-wheel,”

Therefore, the 2013 Kia K9 will come up with the design, driving performance and technology. Under the hood, we’ll find a machine that has 3 options. , Each of capacity 3.8 L V6 engine is expected to generate maximum power of 333 hp, V8, and the last with an estimated capacity of 5.0 L 429 hp maximum power as strong. Of several engine options on offer, you can select one machine or power source that suits your tastes and needs.