Land Rover Releases Photos Of Defender Concept They Will Debut At 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show

Land Rover has unconfined the photos of their 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show, which the company will be debuting at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show at Berlin, in September.Now, while the two photos released by Land Rover doesn’t tell more about the vehicle, it does gives a clue to how this two-door DC100 replacement of the iconic Land Rover Defender will look when it enters the dealers in 2015. Speaking at the photo release, Land Rover representative told us that while we are entrusted to a substitute of the iconic Defender, this concept vehicle will give us an idea on which direction should we be taking it to.”

One of the major questions that the company needs to answer is that whether the fresh Defender is a simpleton off-road joyride for formulating the world in a sheer feeling of the unique Land Rover, or whether the fresh concept is just a fashion-cognizant play for the wealthy. The current decision to differentiate the more down-to-earth Land Rover category from the more luxurious and glossy Range Rover arrangement can very well be a clue to the likely path of the Defender. Speaking about the newly shown concept, John Edwards, the Global Brand Director said, “The new Land Rover Defender will be having its root to its inheritance, but at the same time it will also meet the requirement of changing worldwide.

This new Defender update will be the most telling Defender inform since the initial Land Rover entered the market in 1948. The 2-door concept shown in the picture is an actual concept, having an abruptly wheelbase and an inflated “wheel at every corner” posture, as oppose to the Jaguar C-X16 concept, which actually is a production conception. The DC100 still is a concept and not a final thought. The manager of design, Gerry McGovern thinks that the concept basically is “the starting of a 4-year journey for designing a relevant Defender for the 21st Century.”

Land Rover promises to launch more details for the concept during the Frankfurt auto show, and we guess that the details will be related to the drive terrain of the vehicle. The good thing here is that we know that the car will be a world car. It’s also worth mentioning that for the first time since 1997, the defender will actually be available in US as the Land Rover aims at a fresh customer base. It should be known that the company sold around 20,185 Defenders previous year, which clearly is a figure that the company hopes to gain importantly with the launch of the new model.