North America Intended Maserati GranTurismo MC Launched

Maserati took of the veil of their fastest road going Trident GranTurismo MC Stradale at last year’s Paris Motor Show. It was an Enzo-based MC12, and though MC Stradale won’t be available on Atlantic’s Western shores, but Maserati has done the next best thing.

Except for two noteworthy differences the GranTurismo MC in US market is almost identical to the MC Stradale of European market: first being the fact that it replaces the sequential gearbox of Stradale, with a lot smooth ZF automatic transmission from the typical GranTurismo, and the second difference being the back seats, which now were deleted from the Stradale back in place.

Apart from these two differences the car is pretty much the same machine, powered by the same 4.7 ltr V8 engine generating maximum power of 450 hp as in the MC Stradale (the same power plant powers the brand new GranCabrio Sport) and has the same antagonistic aerodynamics package.

Maserati launched the GranTurismo MC (with the GranTurismo Convertible Sport, as the line-topping convertible is branded over here) at their brand new TriBeCa showroom on the eve of New York Auto Show.